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Our personal goal is to create a wiki in which initially we will collect all software related to Greek language teaching, as a primary, secondary, or foreign language in primary school, and afterwards there shall be a detailed description for each of them, thus creating an easy and fast research tool for all teachers and parents alike. The brief descriptions of the various software are particularly useful, so do take a tour on our website.

This wiki is mainly the result of an initiative created by Mrs Kazoullis within the following research of our University: “Lab of Creation Design and Evaluation of Applications for Language Teaching in Electronic Environments” - University of the Aegean, Department of Primary Education.

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Our research team involves the following students:

Giorkatzi Maria
Grekou Chrysoula
Kontsa Alexandra
Lerma Katerina
Baltzidou Anthi
Tsioukas Konstantinos
Psaradelli Eugenia

More Specifically:

Managing wiki: Giorkatzi Maria
Logo: Giorkatzi Maria
Content management: Grekou Chrysoulla, Kontsa Alexandra, Lerma Katerina, Baltzidou Anthi, Tsioukas Konstantinos, Psaradelli Eugenia
English translation: Giorkatzi Maria
German translation: Tsioukas Konstantinos